HTML_AJAX 0.5.6 Examples

These are examples showing the basics of using HTML_AJAX

These examples show off many of the features of HTML_AJAX, but you'll find them most useful as a learning tool. Reading through the commented code as you view the examples in your browser.

These examples are available online at: or in your local PEAR install in the documentation dir. On most Linux systems the location is /usr/share/pear/docs/HTML_AJAX/examples/ You can find the location of your PEAR documentation dir running pear config-get doc_dir

The term proxy in these examples refers to a javascript class that is generated and has functions that map to the eqivalent php class. These proxy classes work much in the same way as a SOAP proxy class that is generated from wsdl.

Front end files for examples, you can actually run these and see some example output

Real Life Examples

2 server examples are provided, both provide the same output but the auto_server example has code to help you deal with managing multiple ajax classes

Examples files showing howto use HTML_AJAX_Util javascript class

Other Example files:

Javascript and Html Examples: