Web Services provides web services to developers with a focus on Website thumbnails/snapshots. A API is provided for all services. Light use is free (100 credits a month) and you can purcahse additional credits that don't expire to handle higher usage levels. Visit the page of an active service for more details and demos.

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Open Source Projects supports a bunch of open source projects, some interesting ones with hosting here are: is developed and managed by Joshua Eichorn News

Perl Library for the Webthumb API

David Precious has released a perl library for the Webthumb API. Its available on CPAN, WebService::Bluga::Webthumb Thanks David.

Webthumb server move has completed its move to a new server. Everything should be running smoothly at this point, but if you run into any problems let me know. If your dns is slow to update, you can use

Webthumb Updates

I haven’t been actively blogging as of late, this is not likely to change, but here is some quick Webthumb news. The PHP apiwrapper has been updated, there have been some API updates but nothing recently. One important item is…

WebThumb is back up

Once the dns change fully propagates Webthumb will be back up and fully running. If you had a different apikey on the backup instance you will want to switch back to your normal apikey. Your apikey is viewable on your…